4 Moving Tips for Any Family

Moving can be a challenging time in the life of a family, especially one with young children.

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Moving can be a challenging time in the life of a family, especially one with young children. Packing up your life and transporting it to a new home or new city can often invoke great nostalgia, but moving into a new home that supports your ambitions and growing family’s needs is a sweet moment as well. This is a time of great happiness, and you should treat it in this manner in order to keep up the positivity of the moment.

With these four tips, you can make moving a breeze and settle into life in your new surroundings right away rather than working to acclimate for weeks or months.

1. Think about schools for your children.

Your children are your world, and their education is the most important aspect in sculpting their future. Because of this, finding the best school possible for them to continue their education, perhaps at a public charter school, is an essential task when finalizing a move to a new home or community.

One of the most important components in your home search must be the intangible values of a home’s surroundings. School zoning considerations, roadways, and neighborhood traffic patterns are some of the few things that you can’t change about a home, so factoring these into your decision are essential to creating the home environment that you are looking for. Finding a home that matches with your own needs is about more than the layout or a luxurious kitchen — although these are great amenities that a buyer tends to favor — so starting with the foundational pieces of a home’s surroundings is the best way forward. Begin with a survey of schools and extracurricular activities that your young ones need in order to thrive in order to create a seamless transition.

2. Get your finances in order well ahead of moving day.

Organizing your finances is mortgage 101, but many new home buyers don’t fully grasp that a well oiled plan to tackle a mortgage application can dramatically reduce your monthly mortgage payment and save you thousands — if not tens of thousands — of dollars over the life of the loan. Your interest rate is intimately tied to your credit score and down payment offer. As a borrower without a plan, you’re throwing yourself to the mercy of lenders who will be hesitant to offer favorable terms with regards to monthly payment obligations and interest rate discounts.

Instead of throwing your hands up and hoping for an act of God, you must take control of your finances and credit history by paying down any revolving debt that you already carry and begin to save aggressively, today. Taking control of your financial future is something that rests at the heart of any happy and healthy family life, but it’s particularly important in the lead up to a home buying opportunity that will require a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage application. Showing yourself to be a reputable borrower is the only way to create inroads now that will pay dividends in the future.

This is also true for car buyers. The average American will buy nine or ten cars over the course of their life, and buying opportunities often include the use of financing to facilitate the sale. New cars for sale in Medina, OH are a great way to both jumpstart your life in a new town and give you the ability to trade in an old vehicle while showcasing your credit worthiness. Truly, anything you can do to improve upon your credit score is a valuable asset for your future.

3. Make renovations early on in your new home.

Renovations are a fact of life for many American households. The contracting and remodeling industry is a $400 billion a year segment of the economy, and homeowners are only increasing in their demands for the perfect home, tailored to their lifestyle needs. Of course, undertaking home improvement projects can be a hassle for homeowners who hope to remain undisturbed in their homes while the work is being conducted. For larger jobs, you might have to move your entire family into a hotel room for days or weeks at a time, and making appointments, attending school, and going about your routine can become incredibly difficult.

Instead, many new home buyers opt to begin tackling home upgrades before their move in date. By ripping out the kitchen or replacing the carpeting in each of the bedrooms, a homeowner can take advantage of the overlap in their previous home or lease agreement in order to create that perfect space right from day one. This way, you can move directly into the home of your dreams and forget about nagging repair work that must be done or the hassle of accommodating the contracting team while trying to go about your life.

4. Update your wardrobe.

Moving into a new home is the perfect time to recreate your family’s routines and wardrobes. In a new town, you can reinvent yourself in any way that you or your family members see fit. This gives your family the opportunity to create meaningful first impressions on a new group of friends and social acquaintances, work colleagues, coaches, pastors, and teachers. A whole new world of adventure and people are out there waiting for your interactions, so make the most of it with a new signature style from a brand like Barefoot Dreams.

Clothing helps us tell a story about ourselves. The type, fit, and tidiness of your clothing speaks volumes about who you are and what you enjoy before you even open your mouth to speak yourself. Make sure that your wardrobe says something positive and inviting about your personality as you begin to branch out in this new community.

Moving is an exciting time. Make sure that you and your family are prepared for the rigors and challenges of the move but also that you enjoy the change of pace and make the most of your new surroundings and lifestyle right from the jump.