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5 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Franchise

Franchising opportunities are a great way to break into the marketplace with the power of a well-established brand behind you.

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Franchising opportunities are a great way to break into the marketplace with the power of a well-established brand behind you. Franchisees know they can count on a corporate infrastructure that wants to see them succeed. Aspiring business owners all across the country ask themselves how to start a franchise on a daily basis; the answer is actually pretty straightforward.

Because of the massive support system behind you, opening a franchised location can actually be easier than building a totally new enterprise. Nevertheless, there are always considerations to be made before diving into any business venture.



Along with any new venture, location is always an essential component of a business’ success. Adding your McDonalds next door to a Burger King may be a stroke of genius, or it could run you out of business in a matter of months. Understand your potential franchise location in relation to the consumer needs of the area. Doing market research is the best way to determine the viability of any enterprise in your local market, and it can be completed without delay.

Customer Needs

Just like the location you ultimately choose, understanding your clients’ needs is essential to continued success. The business model of any company relies upon customer satisfaction, so getting to know your consumers is an important part of the launch process.

This can be done through community gatherings to celebrate the grand opening of your branch, or through community outreach that provides discounts or other incentives for local sports teams, clubs, or organizations in your area.

Local engagement is especially important these days. Energizing your community to frequent your business is the best way to get them excited about your place of work. It also gives you the chance to learn about their habits and needs as customers at the same time.

Tax Law


Maintaining a handle on your tax burden is also enormously important. Staying within business tax compliance is important for your financial solvency, but also to remain on the right side of the law. Piling taxes or mishandled finances is the surest way to run a business into the ground. Make sure you hire a formidable accountant to keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to your books.

Corporate Infrastructure

Some corporations are simply better franchisors than others. This is true for many reasons, the trick is to understand what you are looking for with your new business. Businesses that put out franchised locations are major industry players, so understanding the support and feedback you are likely to receive from the top brass should be instructive in your decision to sign with one company over another.

Likewise, if you are looking to franchise business but haven’t decided on an industry or company yet, vetting a few different enterprises could help you to better understand the corporate atmosphere you will encounter in different settings. Make sure you are fully aware of the practices and expectations of the company you choose to do business with. It’s not just their sign you are putting up above your door, but their corporate mentality as well.

Know Your Fees

Finally, you must evaluate the franchise fee you will be expected to kick back up the chain. This is going to be a major component of your yearly expenses, so taking it into account is incredibly important before setting up shop. Learn about the payment structure and overall price that you are agreeing to pay in order to make sure that you can sustain the business and yourself as to its first full-time employee while still turning a profit.

Company growth is just as important as your salary, so make sure you can see the full financial and corporate picture before you open your doors to the world.