Is Short Term Health Care for Me?

While some individuals pay for their own health insurance plans or receive benefits through their current employer, not everyone has the money, the need for, or access to these kinds of products.

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While some individuals pay for their own health insurance plans or receive benefits through their current employer, not everyone has the money, the need for, or access to these kinds of products. Let’s imagine, for example, that you are a person who is currently putting themselves through college or someone who plans on traveling in the coming years. These situations do not always necessitate the purchase of a long-term plan. The solution? Choosing short term insurance plans will give you the brief, affordable coverage you need. If you are seeking out the coverage that best suits your needs, continue reading to learn more about whether or not a short term plan would be right for you. 

When Should You Consider Purchasing a Short-Term Plan? 

You Don’t Anticipate Needing It But Would Prefer to Be Covered

If you have no current health conditions and rarely find yourself in need of medical services, you may believe that you are fine without health insurance. However, there are still certain situations in which it is better to be safe than sorry, such as taking on a potentially dangerous part-time job or moving to a new city for college or work. To err on the safe side, some individuals will turn to short-term health insurance plans to keep them covered during these circumstances until they either purchase a new plan or continue without coverage. Although you may not need it now, it is always smart to plan ahead, especially in new and unfamiliar situations. 

You Plan on Traveling or Engaging in Other Activities 

If you are planning on doing something outside of your normal routine, such as traveling or engaging in strenuous physical activity, having short-term health insurance serves to keep you protected in the event of injury or sickness. For example, while traveling, you may contract a harmful virus that can’t be treated with over-the-counter medications. Without coverage, you may be faced with costs associated with doctor visits, hospital visits, and prescription medication. As was stated above, it is best to make sure that you are prepared for the worst by shopping around for a plan that will protect you and your wallet. 

You Are Currently In-Between Jobs

For those who either quit or lose a job and find themselves without coverage, a short-term plan can keep them covered while they go through the process of searching for a new position with similar health benefits. Considering that many short-term insurance policies will give you up to one year before you either need to renew your plan or find a new one, you can rest assured that you will find a job in this time frame. 

You Are Waiting to Become Eligible for Another Policy or Your Are Waiting for a New Policy to Take Effect

Another case in which short-term health insurance proves itself useful is when you find yourself ineligible for the coverage that you want or have to wait for your new plan to take effect. One problem that many people face is the coverage gap that occurs when they miss Open Enrollment and have to wait for next year’s window of opportunity to receive coverage. In some situations, you may have a policy that will soon be active but will still need a few months of coverage while you wait for this to happen. In both of these events, short-term plans give you the coverage you need until you have the coverage you want. 

Whether you need a temporary plan to keep you covered during new adventures or you need something that will protect you until a long-term plan begins, short-term health insurance is one option that you always have at your disposal. If you can relate to one of the above points in this article, take the opportunity to shop around and see what coverage you can purchase for your needs!