The Best Prescriptive Analytics Tools for Business

Your business thrives when it's utilizing its rich data resources to the full capacity of its capabilities.

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Your business thrives when it’s utilizing its rich data resources to the full capacity of its capabilities. The best way to accomplish this is with powerful data analytics software solutions. Advanced analytics deployments are able to extract key insights from your company’s data sources. This gives you the information you need to make better decisions for your business. Without data analysis and optimization models, your available data can’t serve its full purpose to your business processes.

What is prescriptive analytics?

Prescriptive analytics is a powerful analytics solution that helps business owners understand the implications of each decision option for future scenarios. With prescriptive analytics tools, you can be aware of the impact and trade-offs of each possible course of action, this way you’re sure to find the best possible outcome.

Operations research isn’t complete without an effectual prescriptive model to analyze the future risk and possible limitations of business decisions through simulations and statistical models. Making informed decisions is easier when you have access to valuable insights from your available data.


Prescriptive analytics work by deriving actionable information from data that has been extracted and examined by the other business analytics deployments. Other types of analytics include descriptive analytics and predictive analytics.

Descriptive analytics offer insights into past business decisions by analyzing historical data. Predictive analytics uses these actionable insights to create statistical models. From the mathematical models, predictive analytics create a comprehensive list of predictions about every possible scenario. Finally, prescriptive analytics come into play.


Prescriptive analytics solutions are some of the most powerful business intelligence deployments on the market because they consolidate all of this information. Prescriptive analytics utilizes artificial intelligence to produce smart algorithms that can mathematically determine the absolute best course of action. While predictive analytics shows all the possible future outcomes, prescriptive analytics chooses the best one for business users.

Prescriptive Analytics Benefits and Use Cases

There are a plethora of benefits and use cases for prescriptive analytics. From reducing production costs to expanding your operations, prescriptive analytics gives you the tools you need to choose the right decision options. Prescriptive analytics software functions as an optimizer for business users. Wherever you decide to deploy prescriptive analytics, you will find real-time solutions for decision-making.


One way in which a prescriptive analytics tool can help reduce business expenses is through inventory management optimization. Powerful analytics allow you to automate business processes— inventory management being one of them. Prescriptive analytics software allows for automation in your supply chain and stock storage, so you can better decisions in less time. When your decision options are simplified and streamlined, it also frees up time for your team. This means you’re also saving money on labor in the long run.

Prescriptive analytics can be and have been applied to various industries over the years, and the results speak for themselves. In order to operate efficiently in our modern world, you want to be sure that your assets are working for you, and analytics allows you to do this. The healthcare, oil, and transportation industries have all seen great benefits from utilizing analytics tools, and your business can also be a part of this success.


The best part of integrating analytics deployments into your operations is that they allow you to rewrite business rules to better serve your goals. The competitive edge you gain by acquiring these actionable insights is unparalleled by other business intelligence software.

A prescriptive analysis ensures you know every advantage of a future opportunity before you make any decision. When you know the best solution before you even make a decision, your operations will see overwhelming positive business outcomes compared to those of the past.