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5 Good Reasons to Start a Church

You want to spread the reach of your values and spiritual beliefs, and this means opening a new church.

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You want to spread the reach of your values and spiritual beliefs, and this means opening a new church. Due to an overwhelming number of questions, you might be on the fence about whether to open or not. However, fear not, as there are many great reasons and resources out there to help you during this process. Keep reading to explore some of these good reasons to start a church.

1. You will reach more followers.


First and foremost, you want to reach more people with your new church. Luckily, this a great reason to open up. Your new church will help you connect with people you wouldn’t typically reach. For example, if a follower lives in an area that’s not geographically close to your church’s current location, this would make it more difficult for them to travel there every weekend. Overall, you want a large congregation and following. By opening up in a new location you can add these consistent members while also providing a space for potential members to gather.

2. Attract a younger crowd.


With a new building and a revamped style and mission, you have the potential to attract a younger crowd to your church services. It’s important to get the younger population involved with your church, as the spirit and energy they bring is incomparable and will benefit the entire community. When younger families attend church services regularly, they instill this value in their children as well. This is a critical part of keeping the church alive and thriving.

3. You will have faster growth rates.


New ministries boast fast growth rates. It’s reported that new churches grow at a rate of 170% for the first five years. With this powerful statistic at hand, it’s evident that rapid growth is a good reason to open a new church. This growth can translate to more followers, more families, more funding for the church, and the potential for an even stronger outreach to members that may have never considered attending.

4. More financial aid.


Though money is not a central idea of opening up a new church, it’s a benefit. During your services, your followers can give a special offering to help the church in whatever way necessary. You’ll want to purchase these church offering envelopes so that you give your followers the option to give whatever increments they can during a weekly offering. You can also get tithe envelopes for followers who want to partake in a steady, incremental donation of their monthly income. You can get any of your church supply needs from Cokesbury. They offer various church supplies so that you can pick your design. You can get offering envelopes in different color printing, with easy open flaps, or your church letterhead. They also sell these design options for church business cards, business envelopes, and offering envelopes. All of these are important to fund your church financially and spread your word.

5. Spark faith.


Last but not least is to spark faith in the community. To put it blatantly, only 18% of Americans attend church on the weekends. You want to change this with your new church. This church is not just a special occasion to celebrate because you’re opening a new location or new congregation. Instead, it’s a chance to spread the word of God the way you’ve always intended. This means by bringing your church to the people who have not typically had a church like yours in geographic proximity, you now have the opportunity to spread the faith excitingly.

As you continue on your journey of opening a new church, you will undoubtedly be met with challenges and obstacles. However, if you have some of these intentions to reach followers, engage the young, grow financially, and spiritually, you will inevitably spark faith like no other. This will create a following fueling your church for years to come.